Education Achievement Authority of Michigan schools gives students much more than the basics; we give students a new direction. We empower our students to find passion in learning by providing every student with the necessary tools to be successful including their own laptop for classroom use and unique interactive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses. Our classes and student centered learning methods give students a stake in their own education.

Chancellor Veronica Conforme announced restructuring changes to the Education Achievement Authority. Please read this letter to our families. Chancellor’s Strategic Plan


Did you know … Brenda Scott Academy and Phoenix Multicultural Academy are in the top 31 Detroit recommended schools by Excellent Schools Detroit.

Learn how the EAA gives your students the wings to soar

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Why choose a traditional school when an EAA option is available?

Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan schools implement a student-centered model of teaching and learning that allows teachers to personalize instruction to meet the needs of each child. Its teachers are focused on individual student progress rather than a “one size fits all” approach. Teachers assess each student to identify their specific learning needs.

  • Each student:
  • Works at their own pace — they get extra seat time when they need it and they have an opportunity to accelerate ahead when they are ready:
    • For example, if a student can complete course work in six months, rather than nine, they will be advanced to the next level of instruction.
    • If a student needs 10 months to complete course work, they will not be penalized because it takes them longer.
  • Achieves credit based on when they master their skills and complete individual goals, not when the calendar says it’s time.
  • Succeeds through the blended teaching and learning approach of dedicated teachers and support staff, state-of-the-art technology, and their fellow students.

Other benefits:

  • Parents, students and teachers have real-time access to data on student progress.
  • Each student has access to a personal computer.
  • 210 days of instruction verses the traditional 175 days (with a trimester option for high school students who need flexibility during the summer months — see details below).

“[The students] feel safer; they’re learning more. They feel they’re in an environment where they have a chance to be successful.”

—Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, after recently visiting an EAA school

How to Enroll

Empowering the education of your child begins with enrollment. That’s why we’ve made the enrollment process simple, starting with the convenience of year-round enrollment at every EAA school. And to help get you started, we’ve outlined four simple steps for you to follow.

Step 1

Visit any of our EAA Schools and check-in with the front office.

Step 2

Take a tour and let us answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

Complete the application and provide all checklist documents.

Step 4

Schedule your child’s testing appointment.

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